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Missord plus size ball gowns Christmas Sale is coming

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Asking someone to prom (also known as "proposing") is a nerve-wracking experience unique prom dresses . Between the mounting pressure of whether they'll say yes and worrying about how you're actually going to ask someone to prom, the whole thing seems like a lot to take on. That's why Golden Asp has put together a foolproof guide to perfecting your proposal this year!

Some may go the traditional route. If a simple, "Will you come to prom with me?" work for you in the cafeteria or hallway, go for it! If you want to go a more creative route, there are plenty of unique proposal ideas that will almost guarantee you a chance at the prom. For the most part, many people play on sarcasm to ease the tension associated with inviting someone to prom. If you're nervous about dating, try one of these unique offers:

USE FOOD - Who doesn't love a yummy treat? Whether it's pizza or chicken nuggets, you can use them as a vehicle to invite someone to the dance party. Ask your local pizzeria to arrange your boyfriend or girlfriend's favorite toppings to form the word "prom"? Put a note on a large pizza, or a box of your potential date's favorite candy. Who can say no to a delicious snack?
Using Irony - Posters is a big trend in proposals. Using a sarcastic phrase is a great way to take some of the stress out of asking, and the stress you might have about being asked out on a date. Use a fun phrase, such as "Are you going to prom with me?" along with a drawing of a whale on a colorful poster board. Other phrases, like "I might strike, but would you like to go to the prom with me?" can be written on poster board with baseball images. Play on your potential date's interest and ask them out in a sarcastic way!
Use Costumes - Dress up as a fairy tale character and have your "Prince Charming" or "Princess" go to the ball with you. Get creative, dress up as a zombie, and create a poster urging your potential date to "use their brains" and go to prom with you!
Use groups - ask your friends to help you with the proposal. For example, you could have each friend wear a shirt with the lettering spelling out prom at the end. Approach your potential date to get answers! Under the pressure of being watched by a group, they are less likely to say no.
Use Balloons - You can fill a room of potential dates with balloons, each containing a message. Your potential date might blow up before the inevitable prom invitations arrive. Alternatively, you can write the question on several balloons. Either way, use balloons as an easy and fun way to ask your prom date.
Use Games – If your date likes to play games, you can create something that is exactly to their liking. Try a personalized crossword puzzle, or spell out "P-R-O-M" on the Scrabble board. Fill in the details about Prom Night in Mad Lib. The options are endless. When your potential date sees the effort you've put into something you've created, they may be more willing to say yes.

Remember to keep it simple and do it according to the interests of your date. Asking someone to prom doesn't have to be the most extravagant event, but it should be memorable. The perfect proposal will have your date talking about it for years to come. Whether you're asking questions in the traditional sense, taking the ideas listed above or coming up with your own, you can't go wrong!

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