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populargold99 на Mego-forum
20.02.21 13:54

An interactive novel isn't the most obvious wow classic gold choice for game of the year contender, but the unique manner in which mystery and puzzle solving are combined in Virtue's Last Reward means it's worthy of inclusion here. Particularly considering the mind bending narrative that Chunsoft has somehow managed to thread together like some digital form of patchwork quilt. Imaginative, challenging, packed with humour and a more than viable alternative to the traditional detective paperback.

The high stakes encounters and well written script literally had me tossing and turning a few nights, replaying plot details in my mind and more than once waking up with a jolt because it's just so damned hard to ever let your guard down and relax in Joel and Ellie's world.

Used to murder rogues as a resto druid in vanilla. I wondered if it might of been due to the lower skill level of players back then but nope, did it again no problem on a PS. If they don drop you in a single stunlock(which is impossible unless you don have your pvp trinket on for some reason) you just need to stomp+regrowth or bear bash into regrowth as they can remove stuns with theirs. After that you 80+100% with a hot or two on and a moonfire dot+faerie fire on them. dance around them and attempt a short range feral charge if you have it. feral charge into cheetah a short distance, into entangling roots gives you a free chance to rejuv/moonfire or regrowth/moonfire back into bear. you gotta cheetah immediately after the feral charge to break blind range so they don just crack you with one while you try to root. Alternatively you can feral charge into a self poison hot which will remove blind if they use it. vanish removes roots but they won restealth due to faerie fire. I rambling now but you get the idea. 90% of druids are bad but only because they aren utilizing all skills and forms properly for each particular situation. you can beat every class easily with a mix of various strategies (by far skilled warlocks are the most difficult but very doable; i advise to just run away if you aren trying to prove something to them).

Multinational physical and online retailers have the means to market the technology to consumers and enterprise buyers, generating demand for the devices and revenue by selling printers and supplies, as well as from sales of individual 3D printed pieces, said Mr. Basiliere. superstore Staples is already in the market, and other superstores and consumer goods retailers, such as Yamada Denki, are prime candidates to sell printers and finished 3D printed items. Their presence in the market will have an impact on average selling prices, forcing providers into low margin sales of consumer 3DP by 2017

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