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New FIFA 21 gameplay revealed in video

rodeoneerer на Mego-forum
05.08.20 14:00

FIFA 21 Accounts EA Sports distills day after day information on FIFA 21 which will be released from October 9 on PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Yesterday the American company announced an exclusive partnership with AC Milan and Inter Milan.

The novelties at the gameplay level this year are based on 4 key points:

Agile Dribbling offers the player more opportunities when facing a defender.
Intelligent Positioning elevates in-game intelligence to improve the real spatio-temporal conception in football.
Creative Inserts will offer players new options for moments without the ball.
The Natural Collision System will use a brand new animation system to create smoother interactions between players across the board.

Creativity Fluidity reactivity. Here are the FUT 21 Accountthree pillars on which the gameplay of FIFA 21 is based. And to begin to bait us the new feature of "Agile Dribbling" was presented. It is a question of using the right trigger to make speak the individual technique the footwork to achieve small charms with the ball at the foot and on small spaces. We have not completely managed to master the thing reserved exclusively for very good dribblers like Neymar Mbappé or Messi but well optimized this feature can be very interesting in the long term on Volta or in 11 vs 11.

It is also announced that the new placement customization will allow players to delay their ball calls to line up with the last defender to avoid being offside while the playmakers seek to exploit the spaces between the players. lines and that the defenders will try to cut the passing paths to hinder the construction of the opposing game.

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  • andrv7 на Mego-forum
    11.08.20 14:17

    ФИФА 21 с новой макисмально реалистичной графикой это просто нечто

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