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Temtem: Level up quickly - this way you can easily reach the level cap

rodeoneerer на Mego-forum
04.03.20 06:27

buy Temtem Pansun In Temtem you can improve your monsters in the level and make them stronger. Later in the game you will already have a lot of Temtem and logically want to level them quickly. We will therefore show you the best methods with which you can quickly reach the level cap.

Temtem is currently still in the early access phase and the level maximum is at level 48 it doesn't get any higher. To reach this limit with every monster you have to fight a lot of fights. But far less if you follow our tips for fast leveling.

The coward's mantle is an extremely practical item in the game. It works somewhat like the EP dividers from Pokémon games. This means that Temtem who do not actively participate in the fight will still receive experience points if they have equipped the coward's mantle. It is particularly useful for weak temperaments because otherwise they are defeated very quickly in combat. Just let them level up by giving them the coward's mantle.

Where can you get the coward's coat? You need the surfboard to get to the coward's coat. You will receive this after you have defeated Sophia in the first arena. Then go to the cell area in the Windward Fortress where Sophia was imprisoned.

With the surfboard you have to drive outside through the water channel in the middle to the small island. On the way there you have to fight some fights. Once you have arrived Temtem Gold for sale you will find the coward's coat in the small box.

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